John Allen Baudry

The meanderings of knife and sandpaper over the grains of a piece of maple, exploring void, flow, twists and height with a hand rubbed oil finish. 

Maple wood, locally sourced. This piece measures 5" x 3" x 21". 

About the artist:  John Allen Baudry has spent almost 40 years obsessing with the details of putting buildings together for his clients.  He has preserved historical and contemporary architecture in pen-and-ink sketches since days at LSU.  While watching his kids draw, paint, sculpt, throw, glaze and fire fabulous pieces through their high school art programs, the draw to do intimate projects with his hands took control.  When a beautiful maple, growing too close to the house, had to be removed, the perfect opportunity to jump into wood occurred.  Sensuous shapes and hard forms chiseled, cut, sawn, hatched and polished into wood rings survive the tree that for so many years threw shade across our roof and reds, rusts, gold and ochre into the sky every fall.

He has drawn and specified pine and fir framing, cedar and redwood siding to stand with steel and concrete in architectural composition.  Now he takes blade and finish to the grains of woods to render their beauty into shapes and forms in a new vernacular.

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Category: John Baudry, Maple, Sculpture, Wood Art

Type: Wood

Artist: John Allen Baudry

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