Galleripple® Press Kit

Press Kit

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About Galleripple - Art by Architects

Most architects draw, paint, make and create long before architecture school and continue to explore art in various forms even while working in their chosen careers. Trained in technically and conceptually rigorous environments, architects develop powerful senses of observation and the ability to translate abstract concepts into physical creations. 

Art created by architects proudly projects these qualities of observation, interest, fearlessness, and possibility. Founder of Galleripple – Art by Architects Leslie C. Carruth, also an architect and artist, noted these commonalities while still a student at Georgia Tech and believes they make for a unique place in the art market.

This observation was reinforced while Leslie was working at Randall-Paulson Architects in Roswell, Georgia. The firm hosts award-winning public art shows that significantly feature art created by designers from the firm. No longer with the firm Leslie saw that these shows illuminated the excitement, energy, and art that happens when art by architects meets community.

That intersection called for creation of an art market with the unique perspective. The website went live on New Year’s Day, 2016. The artist roster is growing, buyer awareness expanding, and an exciting future for the Galleripple community is unfolding.


 The Galleripple - Art by Architects mission is:

Why Art by Architects and How Are They Defined?

 Architects Are Artists

The world’s interest in art created by architects has been long evident through museum exhibitions, temporary local shows, and sales by individual creators, trusts, and art merchants.

Development of drawing and three dimensional thinking skills are essential to the training of an architect. Communication of an architect’s planning, building or landscape design concept to a client, financial institution, or an impacted community depends on the architect’s ability to visually illustrate the concept in an appealing and exciting manner. This can be accomplished by hand drawing, painting, models, digital drawing and models, and photography. All are skills the architect in training is expected to learn.

Most architects are intrigued by these pursuits long before their professional education begins and continue to create individual expressions of art throughout their lives.

This market makes available the artistic ability so well known to clients and developers and provides exciting insight into this aspect of the profession. 

What is an architect? 

In this market we include all people with professional training in building or landscape architecture. They may or may not be licensed and may or may not be working in the field, but all share a common background of architectural design education, many sleepless nights, and unpredictable design juries.

Corporate Form and Leadership

Galleripple, Inc. is a Domestic Profit corporation registered in the State of Georgia. The name "Galleripple" is a Trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Officers are:

Leslie C. Carruth, AIA, LEED AP, President and Secretary

John O. Carruth, Architect, Vice President and Treasurer


A number of people are credited for the significant and generous support and advice they provided during the initial concept phase and continue to provide as needed. They are:

Clifton S. Cochran, attorney

Brooke Beach, digital marketing executive and specialist

Maggie Carruth O’Connor, communications specialist

Alex S. Paulson, AIA, architect and founder of the Creative Mill Art Exposition, an annual art show hosted by his architectural firm

Brenton T. Klopp, architectural designer, illustrator, and artist in a variety of media

Daniela Paola Rey, architectural designer and artist in a variety of media

Jeff Zollinger, architectural designer and wood turner

John C. Stantz, AIA, architect and abstract acrylics painter

Marcus Mello, architectural designer and artist in a variety of media

Nicole Ramsey-Miles, graphic designer, manager of the Creative Mill Art Exposition, and artist in a variety of media

Peter J. Polites, AIA, architect and established fine arts painter

Current Artist Roster

The artists’ roster is growing as the existence of the site and the energy behind its marketing becomes known.  Artists currently showing can be found here.


 What Others are Saying about Galleripple – Art by Architects

Still new to the public eye, comments to date about the Galleripple concept are by architect/artists who have become aware of the collective sales opportunity. They include:

 ”What a great business model you have! ! I would love to talk about having my work on your site.”

 “The site looks great!  Can we set up accounts now and start adding art?”

 “I am definitely interested in your suggestion and concept. I would love to know more about it.”

 ”. . . this is a unique and very innovative idea”

 “Sounds like a great, and very interesting, business!”

 “I am very glad to hear that Galleripple is growing, I am always excited when I see new posts from you on Instagram.”