Gallery Artists

Charles Ash, Galleripple ArtistCharles Ash - I love working quickly using a calligraphy brush on rough paper, going for the zen of the moment.  I keep the colors pure while at the same time letting the paper do the work; looking for happy accidents that I can exploit.   Many times I will take a scene and modify the composition to minimalize the basic elements to maintain a deceptively simple beauty.

john-allen-baudryJohn Allen Baudry
- For almost 40 years John Allen Baudry has drawn and specified pine and fir framing, cedar and redwood siding to stand with steel and concrete in architectural composition.  Now he takes blade and finish to the grains of woods to render their beauty into shapes and forms in a new vernacular.


ken-berman-galleripple-artistKen BermanI am a self-taught artist focusing on the urban environment. Born in New Jersey and trained as an architect, my journey began as an undergraduate studying architecture adjacent to the old Bethlehem Steel Mills at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.


Paul E. Buford - My name is Paul Buford, I'm a graduate of Mississippi State University.  I graduated in 2000, worked several years in St. Louis, MO, and now reside in Brandon, MS.  I started watercoloring in school, but picked it back up in 2010.    I love the mystery behind aged or forgotten autos and architecture, which is why I'm drawn to them as subjects.  Often times you do not know the story behind the subjects, which lets the imagination wander.  This inspiration drives a lot of my work.


Leslie C. Carruth - Leslie is a Georgia Tech grad who always has an independent creative project in the works. Also an entrepreneur and architect with a long career she especially enjoys photography and painting but occasionally ventures into digital art and mixed media.


Brandon Godwin - A professional wildlife artist from Thomasville, Georgia, Brandon is a licensed architect graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University. He grew up around the Red Hills Plantation region of North Florida and South Georgia. The rich surroundings inspire him to paint his own interpretation of the wildlife which encompasses him.  


Michael Horvath - Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I have always had a fascination with the ocean and everything associated with it, including its power to destroy and create.  I use my Gulf Coast influences and Texas maritime history to create art pieces from those items destined for the trash or recycle bin.

Galleripple Artist Dan JanottaJANOTTA
- Janotta is a Hermosa Beach, California based EXTREME DESIGN studio and store founded by Architect Dan Janotta and his wife Francine Janotta. With Dan's design experience as a Principal Design Architect at Los Angeles firm Johnson Fain, he has gained recognition as a painter and furniture designer. Janotta's designs capture the modern aesthetic of the Southern California coast as well as the extreme urban character of Los Angeles.

Brenton T. Klopp is not an artist in the truest sense of the word, more of an explorer who happens to find fulfillment in the combination of materials/medias.
Marcus Mello - Having lived in many countries, including Brazil, England, Canada, and the United States I have been exposed to a wide variety of arts and culture. This impacts each piece in many surprising ways.  Media of choice usually includes drawings, paintings and pastels however I venture into digital and 3D creations on a regular basis.


Old Blueprints - Collecting architectural images became a wide spread practice during the Renaissance when the invention of the printing press gave people in all walks of life access to prints and books. proudly continues this tradition: we are committed to making great architecture and design available to everyone.


Peter J. Polites, an architect and artist, lives in Atlanta. Founder of Polites Associates Architects, his work in both professions has been influenced by growing up in Savannah’s old world beauty. As the architect of the an art museum on the Hudson River, an Olympic monument, and scores of commercial and residential commisions around the country, Polites believes a nurturing architectural environment can positively impact behavior and health. His painting career spans over 50 years, exploring our relationship to the natural and psychological landscape. His scenes from the Georgia coast celebrate their beauty as well as heighten awareness of their importance in our lives. Polites’ work has been welcomed in respected galleries and appears in public and private collections around the US and in Europe.


Daniela Paola Rey, born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, went to Savannah College of Art and Design for Architecture School. She has lived in various places, and through exposure to different cultures and perspectives she has always utilized communicative art to express nostalgia and Architectural Concepts.


Ron Roberge earned a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree in 1988 from the Boston Architectural Center (now the Boston Architectural College). He is a registered architect with over 30 years of experience. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects, with an interest in historic rehabilitation.


Durand Seay, artist and architect, BA in Architecture, Auburn University, has been exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions all over the southeast since 1978. Most recently he received a Directors's award at the LaGrange Museum Southeast Regional Exhibition. Durand exhibited in the 2009 “Imaginary Journeys” Trevisan Arte Internationale invitational exhibition in Ferarra, Italy.  


Peter C. Sugar, AIA is a practicing architect, with a Bachelor’s degree from University College London, and a Masters from MIT.  He has been drawing all his life and is a multiple award winner.  He has traveled extensively in the US, Europe and Asia and carries his sketch book on all his travels.  He has exhibited frequently, often in his community of Lincoln, MA and has also published two books of his sketches and drawings.


john-c-stantz-galleripple-artist-architectJohn C. Stantz is an artist, architect, craftsman, thinker, writer. A self-taught artist, his primary focus has been to attempt to give abstract form to abstract thought, to explore how color and texture can form a vessel into which anyone might pour their own emotion and interpretation.


Studio PAULBAUT - The work of Paul Kweton, practicing Architect/Designer.


Zan Thompson is a Landscape Architect who practices urban planning and land planning and when not designing for a client he is busy painting in his favorite medium which is watercolors. Zan considers being an artist as being an entertainer in art. He loves to create paintings to entertain the viewer. 


Jam F. Wong - Born in China. Architectural graduate. Retired architect. Emeritus AIA member. Award winning art works. Paintings are in private and corporate collections.