About Us

Most architects draw, paint, make and create long before architecture school and continue to explore art in various forms even while working in their chosen careers. Trained in technically and conceptually rigorous environments, architects develop powerful senses of observation and the ability to translate abstract concepts into physical creations. 

Art created by architects proudly projects these qualities of observation, interest, fearlessness, and possibility. Here at Galleripple we noted these commonalities long ago and believe they make for a unique place in the art market.

More recently award-winning public art shows hosted by a progressive architectural firm in Georgia, significantly featuring art created by designers from the firm, illuminated the excitement, energy, and art that happens when art by architects meets community.

That intersection called for creation of this art market with the unique perspective. So please, browse, enjoy, buy, sell and benefit others from this exciting viewpoint. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!