The Improving Economy (aka, Dancing As Fast As We Can!)

As mentioned before, a distinction we have as architect/artists is that most of us are working daily in our chosen profession of architecture or landscape architecture. This makes for a delicate balance of the remaining time between all the other “gotta do’s” and our “want to do’s”. And “want to do’s” is where our artistic time must usually fall.

So what happens when working daily at our day jobs goes into “good economy overdrive” and long hours at the office to meet client deadlines? You guessed it, “want to do’s” take a reluctant and guilt inducing back seat – with lots of quiet “aaarghs” processing in our brains. We’re dancing as fast as we can and it just can’t cover all the territory we enjoy.

The good news is that the improving economy has brought an abundant amount of day job work to our doorsteps . . . with this past Spring being positively overheated. Firms can’t hire enough people to keep up with the work. But the last recession certainly keeps objections to zero – this situation is a very good thing.

All this to say, if it’s seems a little quiet on the Galleripple front, believe me there is/are lots of meeting time, sweat, racing emails, and Dropboxed Pdfs flying in all directions! Our cityscapes and landscapes are showing the results and our computers continue to generate fascinating views of structures for the future.

We’re hanging on for the ride and hope you’ll hang on with us. It’s worth it!!


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Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth