Multi Point Perspective

It’s hard to change from one year to the next and not think about things past, present, and future. But why not?! Especially when considering Galleripple’s first year in existence and the many exciting opportunities out there for new ways to express ourselves.

In one year, the gallery has grown to include an impressive array of artists sharing their point of view through the unique lens that is architectural and landscape architectural training. And what is it about architects and their training that makes for unique approaches and insights? In our “About Us” statement on the website is this –

“Most architects draw, paint, make and create long before architecture school and continue to explore art in various forms even while working in their chosen careers. Trained in technically and conceptually rigorous environments, architects develop powerful senses of observation and the ability to translate abstract concepts into physical creations. 

Art created by architects proudly projects these qualities of observation, interest, fearlessness, and possibility.”

This adventure has led to multi-state introductions, fascinating conversations, and explorations of potential partnerships. Sometimes these introductions are based on admittedly vague business notions – “Hey, I see you’re starting something on the West Coast. Want to do something together in an East-West coast kind of way?”. Sometimes they are more targeted – “Historic blueprints belong here too, please consider participating!”

Sometimes we send social media rocket shots into the atmosphere to see what happens (let me assure you, the 3D Digital printing community is out there and they are interested and active!).  When can I use the #virtualreality shot and see what results?

It is true that every technical advance we use at the office or at school has the potential as a tool for great art. We know this, but the gallery is currently under-represented in that way.  I suspect it starts to look too much like work, but am beaming out encouragement on that front to all architect/artists out there.

We can also see what resonates with the world of Pinterest “re-pinners”. Right now, they are in love with flat renderings with an other-worldly atmosphere. Rather than focus on the drawing approach though, let’s note that we do amazingly creative views of the built and landscape world - even within our more restrictive office environments. There’s a hunger for what we do.

Last for this post is the fact that it’s a big world out there beyond my Continental USA perspective. This is encouragement to architect/artists the world over to lend your creative voice to Galleripple. The gallery – and the relevance we bring to the art world as well as the architecture world - will be even stronger with your presence!

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Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth