Maritime Upcycling – Artist Michael Horvath

T.M.S. Republic of Texas

A cultural mantra of the last few years has been “Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose”. Texas architect Michael Horvath has been creatively living and working this phrase since 2012. His astounding ship creations are made solely of scraps, trash finds, and unused equipment parts, plus perhaps a little glue or paint.  

Michael grew up on the Gulf Coast and so has always had a fascination with open water and everything associated with it. He developed a deep respect for its ability to destroy and create – including powerful ships. 

A history buff as well, he found that stories from his state's colorful past could tend to stretch over time, blurring the lines of hard accuracy with the softer but highly interesting lines of folklore. Along with studies of Texas state history Michael is constantly researching various ships that play roles in the stories that he reads and uses these to create stories, or tall tales, for his own pieces.

Combining these fascinations into tangible works of art led to his amazing “Deep Six Fleet”, a collection to behold on so many intellectual, moral, and artistic levels that they are truly awesome. The name references an old nautical term for items beyond recovery.

His process is one of unfolding development, beginning with those first stories, pondering the ships involved, and ultimately sitting down and following the ship’s wake where it leads. He does it well, we’re not the only folks to note Michael’s extraordinary point of view and talent - his first solo gallery show is in December.

Michael writes that these are “ships that seem to be losing the battle with nature but at the same time seem timeless. Each having its own tale drawn from Texas and maritime history where it's gray as to the truthfulness of the story.”  The world is certainly richer and more colorful for these inspiring ships!                                                                

Michael’s exciting artist page is here . . .

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth