Drawing, Architecture, and Dance – Lousine Hogtanian

It doesn’t take long when searching the words Architect and Art for the name Lousine Hogtanian to appear. Her wildly fresh drawings quickly stop and hold the viewer in a haze of bold ink lines, charcoal strokes, and marker punctuations. Such was the moment when I first saw her drawing “Bolshoi Ballet Dancer” and then couldn’t quit wondering how she accomplished so much so effortlessly.

An architect by training Lousine uses the visual communication skills she developed in school in Yerevan, Armenia for, as she says, “telling the story behind the scenes”. Linework and color is layered until the drawing freely carries the story’s emotion, passion, and drama.

Her body of work has primarily focused on ballet, merging her daughter’s immersion in the art with Lousine’s visual interpretation of the dance world. But her eye isn’t content with one subject area – it explores and rejoices in animals, nature, home, and yes, architecture.

She has found a devoted following and success in the commercial world. Appearances in art catalogs and television dramas, as well as contest wins acknowledge her phenomenal talent. We at Galleripple consider ourselves fortunate to have learned about Lousine and to share news of her work with you. 

Find more of Lousine's studies in motion here . . . 

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth