Exciting Finds – Studio Paulbaut’s Paul Kweton


spli-T-ime wrist watch (3D printed case) 

This post could be retitled “No Boundaries!”. The scope and range of Paul Kweton’s artistic creations simply boggle the mind and made for an eye-popping discovery when I first saw his work.

Paul Kweton, originally from Austria, is an architect based in Houston, Texas who somehow has more hours in the day than most of us. He manages to find time for furnishings and product design/production as well as visual art creation all while working a busy professional life as a practicing architect.

A stroll through his website for Studio Paulbaut (a combination of his name + baut (the German word for "build/erect/construct something") yields a rich mix of these creations – all fresh and embracing the newest production technologies out there. And as dazzling as each piece is, Paul’s whimsical side is evident throughout. It’s a lot of fun looking closely at his colorful imaginative watches, reading their names, and feeling the smile they bring to your face.

I asked Paul how he got into product and furnishings design – certainly architecture can sideline the most energetic of us with professional demands. He says “As a passionate designer I have always been looking for new avenues to expand my craft and skill set.  Product and furnishing design demand a high level of attention to detail that I enjoy/crave.  Product design allows me to experiment and explore new designs and materials within a shorter timeframe compared to architecture.  It’s the perfect playground for an impatient and compulsive designer/creator like I am.”

Paul outsources the manufacturing to companies here in the US. Then he assembles each piece himself in his studio. Rhino(ceros) is his primary software choice for product design but he notes that there are other useful software choices out there for architects and designers.

What could be next?! Paul stays on the hunt for new manufacturing processes and new materials and he’s recently started experimenting with 3d printed Watershed XC, a clear resin. Paul says “Very exciting stuff.” Indeed!

Not surprisingly he’s been invited to show some of his work at the upcoming YAF young emerging architects exhibition in March at the Houston AIA. He knows we’d love to see him join the Galleripple gallery gang too!!

                                      Learn more about Paul Kweton and Studio Paulbaut here . . .

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth