Artist Spotlight – Marcus Mello

Marcus Mello has the kind of architectural design talent that shouts beyond international borders. He first came into view for me a number of years ago when I was screening applicants for an opening in a metro Atlanta architectural firm. The moment I saw his portfolio it was clear that he had to come into the office for an interview – even though that meant a trip from Canada. One of the best hires I ever had the honor to be part of.

Since then many of us have been humbled time and again by his creative skills in any medium he chooses. From sketched building details, to intriguing architectural design, to pastels of local sights, to digital art for marketing pieces, to the occasional fun construction in an office-wide competition, those of us around him cheerfully cede territory!

Undaunted by national borders Marcus has lived and absorbed the cultures of Brazil, England, Canada, and now the United States. He’s curious about everything from the mathematical fundamentals of beauty, to worship styles across a variety of Christian settings, to healthy genetic makeups in our food supply.

Marcus is currently experimenting with mixing pastel and watercolor. He also wants to do more digital painting. Don’t know what digital painting is? Look for “Backyard Chickens” on Marcus’s artist page!  

                                                                                    Marcus's artist page is here . . .

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth