Artist Spotlight – Paul E. Buford

It’s time to introduce another super special gallery friend - Paul Buford was the first artist that I didn’t know personally who joined the Galleripple gallery. Not only that, Paul was also Galleripple’s first artist from the state of Mississippi – his home state as well as where his career path has taken him.

And, wow, does Paul bring it in terms of ability! His watercolor work is pure magic on paper. Calling it “stained paper” he focuses loving attention on vintage vehicles, abandoned buildings and memory inducing signage. He writes “I seek the forgotten, decayed, and lost in my work and try to bring it to a new light . . .”.

Paul had the good fortune to encounter a professor in architecture school at Mississippi State who strongly encouraged watercolor skills. Not surprisingly his project presentations often utilized watercolor to express design concepts. Genuinely enjoying the medium Paul began exploring various ways to incorporate it’s use into new work.

When asked what directions intrigue him now Paul says he’s working a lot with his sketching techniques, considering merging pen sketches with watercolor, and looking to work more on cityscapes. We look forward to seeing these worlds unfold!

Find more of Paul's work at . . . 

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth