Artist Spotlight – Brenton T. Klopp

The first two pieces of Brenton Klopp’s work that I saw in person were large scale reclaimed wood boards sporting a shocking display of splattered paint, two-part epoxy, fire charred black foam insulation and framing nails. The effect was riveting – and so completely at odds with the order and process of architectural training!

Later pieces, always intriguing, many times quieter, make apparent that curiosity shapes Brenton’s approach to all of his creative endeavors. He is fascinated by unplannable results. These may be generated via chemistry, application, or media mix. Resolution of the final piece is created as much by the interaction of the elements as by the artist.

By day Brenton is a digital illustrator in a busy architectural firm in Roswell, Georgia. He is not satisfied until the image conveys a sense of wonder and action as much as information about the building’s space or appearance.

We spoke last week and Brenton confirmed that the geometries surfacing in his posted abstractions are a new interest area. We need to also be looking out for larger works – ready when he is!

To see more of Brenton's work . . .

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth