Exciting Finds – Fiber Artist Valerie S. Goodwin

Sometimes you see art that literally takes your breath away. Such was the case when I found Valerie Goodwin’s website showcasing images of her astonishing art quilts inspired by aerial views and maps.

A faculty member teaching architectural design at Florida A&M’s School of Architecture and Engineering Technology, Valerie is also an author and lecturer on related subjects.

Her quilts explore the complexity, geometries, patterns and principles behind a particular view or map in bold color and linear contrast. Some abstract the source material and some work more directly with the history and culture of a specific location. Changing it up a little, some spin into pure abstract energy.

Those of us in the planning and architectural design world know that these images also represent philosophical and cultural viewpoints. Political power and social justice messages can cry out from these abstracts, along with more genial information on the history of a place.

In a kind of wonderful serendipity, I recently learned that Valerie was a professor of friend and former coworker Tim Watson – small world!!

Learn more about Valerie here . . .

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth