Galleripple Inspiration, The Beginning - Peter Polites

Many of us remember the first time we were amazed by the drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright, experienced the wonder of a Michael Graves teapot, and felt the deep intensity of site sculpture created by Maya Lin.

I also remember well the first work of original art that I bought. It was a small lithograph print by Atlanta artist Peter Polites of a mythic family in a rainbow of small circles. The combination of figure and hard geometry was incredibly compelling. I learned at the time that the artist was also an architect – explaining to me why, of all the art at the fair, that was the piece that called out.

Peter is now a visible force in the Fine Arts world. He is welcome in respected galleries, has taken custom commissions, and sold to countless enthusiasts. An ongoing solo show in Greenwich, Connecticut, displays Peter’s astounding oceanscapes and landscapes. Each captures not only the intense beauty of nature, but also nature’s motion and power, pulling you into an experience of the event not just the beauty of the scene. As reviewer David Massello writes in an extract from Massello’s review of the show, Peter’s work illustrates “his uncanny ability to capture the most ephemeral and complex of natural phenomena” (

No less engaging are Peter’s quick sketches, watercolors, and drawings, whether pulled from archives or recently created. Each is inspiring to behold.

The Galleripple initiative has many positives – reconnecting with Peter and his art and getting to know him better has been a huge highlight. 

Find more of Peter's work here . . .

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth