Experimental Journeys   – Artist Daniela Paola Rey

Every now and then you see a graduating architecture student portfolio that stops you in your tracks. The sophisticated composition, compelling images, mix of art with architecture, and overall beauty is wholly unexpected. The lucky firm has an opening at just the right moment – and the next thing you know you have a new coworker with an infectious smile and killer visual art talent. Her name is Daniela Paola Rey.

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Daniela Paola grew up surrounded by paper and pencil, the currency of a father and a brother who are both multifaceted artists. Magic grew from that fertile soil.

Deciding that architecture best incorporated her many artistic interests and desire for challenge, Daniela Paola found that school at SCAD presented the perfect opportunity to intertwine and develop those interests.

A study abroad program to the countryside of Southern France brought into focus the interactions of people with built space. And it is where she developed a passion towards the use of mixed media for communication of architectural concepts.

Due to a lack of technology and availability of materials in the small town where she was residing, Daniela Paola chose to only rely on re-used cardboard, napkins, and charcoal pencil to present her ideas in studio.  

This sourcing of found materials proved to be a pivotal moment in her architectural studies as well as an amplifier to her creative side. For Daniela Paola meaning rests in the process, not in the final result. Incompleteness and texture are welcome aspects in her work.    

She writes that “My dad developed a unique abstract style of painting, he utilizes the paint palettes to make texture. Fabian (her brother) learned this technique from my father as well, and so did I. No matter how many styles we may explore, the brush texture and unfinished palette strokes are always present in the work.”

And so is some mighty powerful art!

Enjoy more of Daniela Paola’s work here . . .

Leslie Carruth
Leslie Carruth